Ayn Rand guided reading questions- chapter 1

1. By 45 they think that the men and women are useless and are a burden to the world.




3. The council sends equality 7-2521 to the job of the street sweepers because they thought that was all he was good for. and he said that it was his punishment for having a preference.


4. The book takes place in the future. I think it’s the future because of the way the society is set  up. I think Ayn Rand wrote the book and was thinking about how the future would be.


5. His teachers disapprove of his quick mind because in that world they are equal, nobody can be smarter than anybody else.


6. At this point equality 7-2521 does not like the way his society is formed and how he has been taught. He doesn’t feel any shame or remorse because he feels like the way he’s been living has been wrong.


Spring Break

Use “I” not “i”.

Check your spelling.

Proper Names must be capitalized.

Spring break was slowly coming I counted down the days everyday. Monday went by, the Tuesday, and so on . then finally it was Friday and it was that much closer to spring break. I was ready to get out of school. then it was like my mom read my mom and the called on the announcements “Tae’lor  Williams for early dismissal” as soon as my foot stepped out that door..my spring break had begun..

On Saturday morning at 7:00 am , my mother and my sister and I drove to Washington Dc, my mothers hometown. It took us about eight hours for us to get their. When we got their my grandparents were so excited to see us. That night my we all went out to this new restaurant. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was a restaurant that had Chinese food, soul food, and Mexican food and, sea food. They had shrimp fried rice, fried chicken, tacos, collard greens, egg rolls, Macaroni and cheese and so much more. I had never seen anything like it before. I ordered the jumbo shrimp and fries and I had red velvet cake for desert. A weird combo but it was really good. After that we went back home. The next day my mom’s cousin Jabar, had a cookout. All my mom’s cousin’s and their kids were their. We had a blast!. The food was great and it was fun to see everyone. After that we had to go back to my grandparents to say bye to my cousin Jaela and Breelyn because they were going to Puerto Rico the next day.

On Monday my mom took my sister Sydney and I on the metro to the Zoo downtown. It was really fun to go with my sister, especially  because it was her first time going. We saw pandas ,gorilla’s , cheetah’s etc. It was really hot but we still had a good time. We were their for about three hours. While we were their my mom got us dippin dots ice cream. I had cookies and cream and my sister had cotton candy. After we left the Zoo, we stopped at a pizza parlor  downtown for some lunch. The pizza was so good and it really hit the spot. When we left we took the metro back home. We were worn out by the time we got home. By that time my grandma had cooked spicy chicken sandwiches and sweet potato french fries. It was good as always.

On Tuesday it was rainy and our plans to go see the White House were canceled. So instead we watched movies all day and stayed in bed eating snacks the whole day. Sense it was raining i got the best sleep ever that night, But luckily the sun was out the next day. I was glad the sun was out because today was our shopping day, which was my favorite day. It was my mom, my grandma and her mom, my sister and I. We went to a bunch of stores and i got a lot of stuff. While we were at the mall we got some cinnamon pretzels from auntie ann’s. After we left the mall we went back home. When we got home it was only 2:00, and my mom and I still wanted to go out. So, we snuck out and went to target and Ross , but while we were in Ross we started getting tired ourselves so we wnt home again. That night my mom cooked juicy turkey burgers, with all the fix’ns . It was so good and for desert Sydnye and I had vanilla ice cream with Oreo’s om top. On Wednesday night i stayed up late with my sister watching Tv. I eventually went to sleep around 4am. On Thursday, my mom took y sister and me to the Monastery. It was a old church up the street from my grandmother’s house, so we walked. It was absolutly  BEAUTIFUL !. We took some amazing pictures and we had a good time. When i was about two years old i went before, but of course I didn’t remember it, but now i was older and I will always remember this day. That night we had to pack because we were leaving in the morning. I wasn’t ready to go, but i was ready to see my friends.  At 5:00 my alarm on my phone rang. It was time to go. We didn’t even worry about getting dressed, we went in our pj’s.  My grandfather helped us with the bags to the car and by 5:27 we on our way back to Charlotte. My sister and i slept the whole way and our ride didn’t take as long. We hit our driveway at about 1 pm. It felt so good to be back home. My dad didn’t get off work until 3, so we had to wait for him to get home. He was so happy to see us, it had been way too quiet in the house. That day we just relaxed and ordered pizza from papa john’s. We were all tired and we just wanted to enjoy being home. Sunday came and that meant school was starting back. I was so not ready to go back but i had to. I wanted to enjoy the last day of spring break, so we wanted to hang out with my dad. We went to Rivergate shopping center down the street from my house. We wet inside of Target and then we went to Cold stone creamery. We sat outside by the fountain and ate our ice cream sense it felt so good outside. After we finished our ice cream, we went back home to get ready for school tomorrow. We ate dinner around 7, and we got our clothes out and took our showers and got ready to go to bed. Sense I was so used to staying up late over break, I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t go to bed until about 12 something. When i woke up it was Monday. Time to get back to work.

Fahrenheit connections

“Do you know that books smell like nutmeg or some spice from a foreign land?”

This is a connection to Clarisse, because Mr Faber sounds like Clarisse when he talked about the smell of books. It was like Clarisse was actually saying it to him.

“If you read fast and read all, maybe some of the sand will stay in the sieve.”

This was a  connection to when he was a kid and his cousin fooled him to trying to fill the sieve up with sand for a dime.

Prometheus and Gaea

Gaea was the primeval divinity of earth, one of the primal elements who first emerged at the dawn of creation, along with air, sea and sky. She was the great mother of all. Prometheus was the the titan not  god of forethought and crafty council who was entrusted with the task of molding mankind out of clay.

“GAEA : Greek Goddess of Earth ; Mythology ; Pictures : GAIA, TELLUS.”GAEA : Greek Goddess of Earth ; Mythology ; Pictures : GAIA, TELLUS. Web. 20 May 2014.


Michael Sam is not a “Distraction”


In my opinion, I think that because Michael Sam is openly gay is great. I don’t think that your sexuality should define who you are. He was very brave to come out public ally. This article actually made upset because, people were so superstitious and they thought that he was a “distraction”. Me personally, I have friends who are gay and i don’t treat them any different. Once he came out the closet, people viewed him differently. They viewed his as ” the gay guy” and not the great football player. When they talked about in the article how players who are criminals were more welcome then homosexuals , I 100% agreed with that statement. You hear about on the news about athletes are getting arrested, and people say its normal. But when you see a man come out about being gay everybody freaks out.

I just feel like its not fair to judge people that way. Just because you disagree with his lifestyle, doesn’t mean you have to treat people differently . I do understand where they come from about feeling a little bit uncomfortable  in the locker room because they are just not used to something like that. There afraid that he will look at them, but Micheal didn’t come to have a relationship. He came to play football. They called this the ” unnecessary distraction”. I think that this was the right thing to do and that it was necessary. It was better for him to be honest then to lie for the rest of his life.

Lang, Nico. “Why Michael Sam’s Coming Out Is Not an Unnecessary ‘distraction'” Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Times, 15 Feb. 2014. Web. 20 Mar. 2014.

Fahrenheit 451 Round 3 –

Some things are very interesting. This book I am reading is exactly that. I am reading the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradburry. While reading for round 3 of our literature circles, I had the responsibility of being the key passage pointer and, illustrator. As a part of my jobs i found the following excerpt from the book very interesting to me. Here is an excerpt from the book.

” Always before it had been like snuffing a candle. The police went first and adhesive-taped the victims mouth and bandaged him off into their glittering beetle cars, so when you arrived you found an empty house. You weren’t hurting anyone, you were hurting only things! And since things really couldn’t be hurt, since things felt nothing, and things don’t scream or whimper , as thins women might begin to scream and cry out, there was nothing to tease your conscience later. you were simply cleaning up. Janitorial work, essentially” (Bradbury 33-34).

  1. What made this specific fire different from any other fire?
  2. How could this effect Montag and the team?
  3. Why did the woman fight so hard for her books?

Bradbury, Ray, Neil Gaiman, and Jonathan R. Eller. “The Hearth and the Salamander.” Fahrenheit 451. New York: Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, 2013. 33-34. Print